Shown below is a list of recent projects of Poppell Environmental Services, LLC:

Bainbridge High School (120 acres)
Pine Ridge Apartments (10 acres)
Blue Springs Development (60,000 lineal feet)
Butler Ferry Community Development Block Grant (3 acres)
Atlanta Structural Concrete (20 acres)
Old Town Subdivision
Tractor Supply (6 acres)
Bainbridge College New CDL Site (15 acres)
The Retreat Subdivision (80 acres)
Ga Farm Credit (8 acres)
Mclean Storage Facility (3 acres)
Tallahassee, Faceville Hwy / Alice St Sewer Ext. (15,000 lineal ft)
Bainbridge BikeFest (100 acres)
Bainbridge Villages (140 acres)
Holiday Inn Express (4 acres)
Aaron Rentals (1 acre)
Ergon (4 acres)
Courts De Emerald (8 acres)